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Botanik Medical Facilities also offers a full range of dental treatments of highest quality. We apply only high class dental materials because the well-being and satisfaction of our Patients are our priority.

Two surgeries equipped with newest chairs and dental devices are at the disposal of our patients. A quick radiological diagnosis of the condition of the teeth is possible since our facility is also equipped with an x-ray unit. It eliminates the necessity to rearrange additional appointments.

We value clarity so the full price of our dental services is estimated before the performance of the procedure. In the case of emergency, we also operate as a Dental Emergency Service and treat our Patients after the regular business hours.

Let our experts take care of Your smile in an ambient environment and friendly atmosphere. Our experts can solve any of Your dental problems.

Please, see our full offer of procedures concerning our dental services and feel free to contact us for further enquiry.

Our offer

General dentistry specialises in all kinds of actions aiming at the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems linked with tooth decay. Untreated tooth decay is unpleasant, causes Patient discomfort, triggers pain and may lead to partial chipping, cracking or breaking of the teeth. These problems result in a decrease of smile attractiveness and consequently they lead to the outburst of a number of other diseases.

General dentistry focuses mainly on the treatment of decayed teeth and the restoration of the tooth cavity with correctly selected and matching filling materials.

Only high quality dental materials of world-class brands are applied in our surgeries. Since recently, our offer also includes the possibility of tooth restoration with ESSENTIA filling material. This material can adjust by itself and match to colour of Your tooth. Therefore, the difference between the filling and the tooth proper is not visible with a bare eye.
While at Botanik, ask our specialists about ESSENTIA and learn about its endless advantages.

General dentistry services at Botanik include:

  • Composite tooth fillings
  • Direct composite diastema closure
  • Composite correction of teeth crown shape and size
  • Glass-ionomer fillings
  • Aesthetic reconstruction of the teeth
  • Restoration and correction of anterior teeth with resin composite
  • Tooth restoration on fibreglass posts
  • Radiological examination of the teeth

Administration of local anaesthetics is a daily routine of our dental experts.

Endodontics, that is root canal treatment is an area of general dentistry. Similarly, it takes care of the maintenance of the clinical function of the tooth. To treat the infection in the root canal system, the bacteria need to be removed. In this procedure, the tooth pulp that has been damaged by a bacterial infection is removed and the root canals are cleaned and shaped with an endodontic file. Subsequently, the canal restoration with gutta-percha filling and a crown are performed.

Untreated infections of the teeth lead to a chronic perapical problems manifestating with pain when biting or chewing, swelling of the gum near the affected tooth, pus oozing from the affected tooth, facial swelling, and fever.

BOTANIK offers the following root canal treatment services:

  • root canal preparation
  • canal filling with dressing
  • canal filling with dental material
  • additional root canal treatment
  • removal of a broken device

Aesthetic dentistry is an area of dentistry closely linked with general dentistry. Its main effect is the improvement of teeth condision and restoration of Your smile’s sparkle. In the case of aesthetic dentistry the main aim of dental appointment is rarely the need to treat for teeth decay. The main desire of the Patient in to improve the looks and smile through replacement of disolored fillings with new ones, improvement of teeth shape and teeth colour change with whitening techniques.

Aesthetic dentistry is a very important area of medicine for a number of reasons. When You take care of your smile, you can improve your self-esteem, Your well-being and become a more open and a confident person. Surprise your family and friends with a radiant new smile. You can do it with the help of our Specialists.

Aesthetic dentistry services offered by Botanik Medical Facilities are the following:

  • sandblasting
  • scaling
  • at-home teeth whitening with trays
  • in-office teeth whitening
  • tooth whitening of dead teeth (after root canal treatment)
  • tooth shape correction
  • veneers

If you do not know how to improve your smile, what can be the best and the safest solution for You, please do not hesitate to make an appointment and consult a specialist. Our experts will estimate your teeth and will offer the most effective method that will fulfil your expectation. After the treatment you will be always beaming with Your new smile.

More and more patients want to beam with a wide, white smile. That is why any kinds of discoloration and changes in the colour of the teeth become a significant problem. This problem can be solved in Botanik by our fully-qualified Specialists. Each teeth whitening procedure at Botanik is preceded by a dental check-up evaluating the condition of teeth and obligatory teeth – cleaning.

The teeth whitening services offered at Botanik Medical Services include:

  • At-home teeth whitening with trays – Botanik Patients receive initially prepared trays and whitening substance for applying every night at home. After two weeks, during a dental check-up, the Dentist evaluates the condition of the teeth. Both Dentist and the Patients discuss the possible need for further whitening, achieved results, or interruption of treatment and mutual decision is made.
  • In-office tooth whitening – teeth whitening process takes place in the facility. The Dentist places teeth whitening gel on the Patient’s teeth which then is illuminated with specialized light activating the gel. The effect can be achieved already after one appointment.
  • Whitening of non-vital teeth – this procedure take place only in the dental surgery and can be applied only for teeth primarily treated for root canal. Special substance, placed into the tooth and whiting it from inside is used. It is a great alternative for crown and veneers. After consulting the Dentist, You can decide if there is a need for re-application of the product. You discuss the achieved result and a mutual decision concerning the need for treatment continuation is made.
  • NOVELTY – teeth whitening with PREVDENT products – Botanik Medical Facilities offers a newest products for in-office teeth whitening with a specialist PREVDENT products. This product is 100% safe for Your teeth, does not cause hypersensitivity and there is no need for ‘white diet” after the treatment.

Call and ask about whitening methods with PREVDENT products.

Contraindications for teeth whitening

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • age of the Patient (not younger than 16)
  • allergic reaction to peroxides
  • bad condition of the teeth (significantly wipe enamel or ongoing inflammatory processes in the gums)

Implantology has recently become the most dynamic field of dentistry. Dental implants are used to replace Patients’ missing teeth. Implants are placed in the jaw bone on a special permanent base for artificial teeth. Implants are recommended for Patients with single or several missing teeth as well as no teeth at all.

Implants are not recommended in all cases of missing teeth. A proper diagnosis made after a dental check-up including Patients’ condition of the teeth and bones is made. Feel free to make an appointment and talk to our Specialist about Your implant options. Your teeth will be evaluated during a general examination and a decision concerning an optimized treatment method for Your teeth will be taken.

Botanik offers a number of implantology treatments available for the Patients:

  • endosteal implants
  • porcelain crown on dental implants
  • full porcelain dental implant crown
  • implant-support denture

Dental prosthetics focuses on the recreation of both single and several missing teeth so that the oral -functioning related quality of life is achieved alongside with the improvement of the Patient’s general appearance.

The problem of missing teeth should not be underestimated because a single missing tooth or several missing teeth significantly interfere with the load on adjacent teeth and impair the whole chewing function. When a tooth is missing, the neighbouring teeth lean over into the vacant space and the opposing teeth can shift as they drift down into the open space (super-eruption).

In Botanik Medical Facility only specialists take care of the reconstruction of the missing teeth. After a careful evaluation the best possible treatment method is recommended.

Please, feel free to make an appointment and ask about the best solution for Your dental problems.

Botanik Medical Facilities provides the Patients with the following dental prosthetics options:

  • porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns (PMF Crowns)
  • all-ceramic crown
  • ceramic veneer
  • cast post and core
  • fibre post and core
  • acrylic removable partial denture (LPD)
  • complete acrylic denture
  • acron denture
  • removable partial denture (RPD)
  • micro-denture

Botanik also provides repair services for fixed and removable dentures.

The main goal orthodontic treatment is the correction of malocclusion, maxillodental-facial abnormalities, correction of dental abnormalities. Orthodontic treatment can be received by patients at all ages, both children and adults.

The mail reason for receiving orthodontic treatment is the desire to eliminate aesthetic problems, yet it can also serve as prophylactic activity and restoration of healthy teeth. Teeth that are crooked or not the the right place can also affect the possibility of maintaining proper oral hygiene. They may also accelerate the tooth decay and more frequent appearance of periodontium.

Elimination of malocclusions take place with orthodontic appliances. These appliances work by placing gentle pressure on the teeth and jaws. The pressure makes the teeth move into the direction indicated by the Orthodontist.

Botanik Medical Facilities employs the best, highly-qualified orthodontic specialists who can take care of any orthodontic problem. Please, do not hesitate to call us today, make an appointment, and consult your orthodontic problem. Make sure that soon you will enjoy your healthy teeth and beautiful smile.

All specialists are aware of the fact that a dental appointment with a child requires proper preparation and attitude as well as a great dose of patients. It is important not to discourage the your Patient from dental check-up in the future. The first appointment is of great significance since the child meets the new environment for the first time. The younger the Patient the better it is to start making regular appointments so that he/ she can get familiarized and start to feel safe in the place and in the hand of the personnel.

The best option is when the young Patient is brought for the first check-up just for prophylactic reasons. During this time the Dentist not only evaluates the condition of the teeth but also tries to raise the natural curiosity of the child, encourage a conversation and cooperation. At Botanik, Children’s Dentistry is taken care of by experienced Specialists whose attitude towards children is both positive and friendly. Our Specialists constantly make sure that each appointment takes place in a pleasant, and trustful atmosphere. They also show complete acceptance of any worries and doubts the young Patients may have.

Dear Parents, do not wait until a toothache starts to bother Your child. In such a case the first appointment will be only associated with fear, pain and anxiety. It definitely will not aid any frequent, future dental check-ups.

Children’s dentistry at Botanik offers the following services and treatments:

  • for milk teeth – regular or coloured light cured fillings
  • for milk teeth – ionomer fillings
  • root canal for milk teeth
  • teeth cauterization
  • fluoride varnish of milk and permanent teeth
  • pit and fissure sealing
  • milk teeth removal

Dental prophylactics and following oral hygiene guidelines are very important factors in the prevention of the appearance of tooth decay, as well as periodontium and oral cavity diseases. It is crucial to brush the teeth with the right toothbrush, regularly floss and rinse the teeth as well as make regular appointments for dental check-ups. When all these conditions are fulfilled You can be sure to beam with a beautiful radiant smile until old age.

If you wish to enjoy Your healthy teeth, it is important that Your daily oral hygiene is systematic and thorough. Brush your teeth carefully after each meal for at least three minutes. Use good toothbrush and toothpaste. Each tooth brushing should be followed by flossing. Do not forget to see Your dentist at least once a year to check the condition of your teeth, tooth enamel, plaque formation and discolorations. Teeth whitening is an additional solution for a radiant smile.

Botanik Medical Facilites is an Oral-B partnetship facility. We provide the opportunity to test the newest Oral-B electric toothbrush. We provide disposable toothbrush heads which are for single use only your use only. This toothbrush has been designed for specialists taking care of their Patients. If you decide that it meets your expectations, it can be purchased in Botanik.

Prophylactic services available at Botanik include the following:

  • pit and fissure sealing of milk teeth
  • pit and fissure sealing of permanent teeth
  • non-vital teeth whitening
  • overlay whitening
  • in-office whitening
  • blast sanding

Dental surgery focuses on the performance of surgical procedures on the teeth and jaw bones. It is closely linked with root canal treatment, dental prosthetics as well as dental periodontics and implantology. Patients associate it with a removal of a tooth which frequently is a very complicated procedure and that is why it should be performed only by a skilled and qualified specialist.

Botanik Medical Facility provides dental surgery treatments performed by experienced Doctors with adequate qualifications. All procedures are performed in local anaesthesia which eliminated pain related feeling of discomfort during the procedure. Our specialists carry our both tooth complete teeth removals – extractions, removal of diseased parts of the teeth – hemisections, and teeth caps removals – resection. We also take care of the removal of teeth premordia and unerupted teeth. Below you can find the whole dental surgery offer available in Botanik.

Dental surgery procedures available at Botanik are the following:

  • tooth extraction
  • wisdom tooth extraction
  • extraction of an unerupted tooth
  • abscess incisions
  • surgical exposure of the clinical crown in unerupted teeth
  • root tip resection procedure
  • root radisection
  • tooth hemisection

Periodontology is an area of dentistry focusing on the prophylactics and treatment of the diseases of the periodontium and the oral cavity mucosa. There are two main reasons of the diseases of the periodontium: bacteria present in the dental plaque, and poor dental hygiene.

The most common forms of gingivitis include periodontisis that is an inflammation of the periodontium. When untreated, it can lead to loosening and subsequent loss of the teeth. Another common problem of the periodontium successfully treated by Periodontics is tooth plaque and tartar.

Periodontic treatment is recommended for those Patients who have observed any reddening or bleeding from the gums, tooth loosening or presence of tooth plaque as well as long term gingivitis which can develop into periodontal disease. Tooth neck exposure, unpleasant odour from the mouth and dentin hypersensitivity to high or low temperatures also signal the beginning of a disease.

Periodontic treatment offered by Botanik includes:

  • scaling
  • sand blasting
  • curettage
  • correction of post-traumatic open bite
  • teeth splinting with glass fibre strands

Botanik Medical Facilities is equipped with an x-ray unit. Your teeth can be carefully examined and future treatment recommended during your dental check-up. Neither do we need to sent our Patients to have their x-rays taken elsewhere nor ask them to make additional appointments. This aid the treatment process and boosts patient comfort.

Our x-ray unit is modern and absolutely safe which eliminates Patient exposure to a redundant dose of radiation.