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Botanik Medical Facilities

We are a new medical facility opened in 2017. Our mission is to supply quality patient care in the areas of dentistry and aesthetic medicine provided by world class specialists. Our facility is equipped with modern medical devices, it is suitable for disabled patients and has a free spacious parking area.

We offer emergency dental services on the day of the notification and after regular dental business hours.

Check out, why else we are a better facility than many other medical facilities in Lublin?

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Dental services of highest quality

Highest standards of our dental services are our priority. Since we aim at well being and full satisfaction of our patients, only best dental materials are used.

Two surgeries equipped with newest chairs and dental devices are at the disposal of our patients. A quick radiological diagnosis of the condition of the teeth is possible since our facility is also equipped with an x-ray unit. It eliminates the necessity to rearrange additional appointments.

We do not want to unpleasantly surprise our patients with unexpected costs, so the full price of our dental services is estimated before the performance of the procedure.

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Emergency Dental Services

+48 607 112 411

In an emergency, we operate as a dental emergency. It is possible to arrange a visit on the day of calling.

Aesthetic medicine – professional care and safety

Our specialists help to bring out the natural beauty of our patients. We offer a whole range of services from the area of aesthetic medicine. Well-being and satisfaction are our priority. That is why we always focus on professional care and safety during all procedures.

All aesthetic procedures are performed by doctor of medicine specialising in aesthetic medicine.

Her knowledge and experience guarantee high standards and complete safety of the procedure.

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Professional personnel guarantee service quality and patient satisfaction

When in Botanic you can profit from all our services since we aim at uplifted standards of performance thanks to the employment of experienced medical personnel with highest qualification.

Our team comprises of specialists holding the title of doctor of medicine and cooperating with the Medical University of Lublin on regular basis. It is also important that they constantly cater for their professional development through participation in additional knowledge and skills enhancement trainings.

Each doctor employed in Botanik is both an experienced physician and a competent specialist with both background and credentials in the field of aesthetic medicine.

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Partnership facility

Lublin Medical Tourism Consortium

Medical and Wellness Cluster